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Porsche 911

Kamera Classicauto

Kamera Classicauto

Marcin Stryczak has been cultivating his passion for Porsche and historic rallies for many years. In his garage he has created somewhat of a shrine to the brand from Zuffenhausen. When it comes to the Porsche 911, with which he has the most memories and has promised to never part with, Marcin will tell you more during this film.

This is the first film in the Classicauto Camera series.

Restoring classic cars is my greatest passion. Restoring classic cars to their near-factory condition is a goal I achieve every time. To restore a car to almost a state in which it first left the factory is all about saving the original parts. I try to give it a second life. Then I manually reconstruct the parts that I can copy to their original factory condition. After that, I get the rest of the parts I need from Porsche, and with great commitment to EVERY detail, I can be proud that I have yet again saved another classic car with the number 911.

I only rebuild a few cars a year. My goal is not the number of restored cars, but their QUALITY.

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