My Passion for Your Investment
Porsche 911

Advice on purchase and renovation

When it comes to the 911 model, you can rely on my knowledge and advice. When it comes to buying a classic:

  • I will verify the originality of the car
  • I will check the colours and specify any deficiencies
  • I will advise you what funds would be needed to renovate it
  • I will provide you with reliable information so that your purchase does not end in complications …

And now an example from our yard…

A dozen years ago, when buying a classic car for renovation, I was sure that the purchase would be 50% of the price that I had to pay for a fully-fledged and refurbished car… However, this was wrong thinking. This is the first mistake made by inexperienced buyers.

It must be emphasized that everything depends on what base you buy for “saving.” What is the state of the body, engine, and if it has all the complete parts, etc…. and finally WHAT FINAL EFFECT you want to achieve…

If everything is going well, maybe it will end up at 2 times the purchase, but if not… then expect an expense several times exceeding the purchase.

Therefore, if you are to buy such a car, get advice from someone who has renovated such a vehicle, has experience and can give you an advice.

We invite you to cooperation!

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