My Passion for Your Investment
Porsche 911

Sheet metal processing and other aspects

I am very serious-minded when it comes to reconstructing car bodywork parts. Each, even the smallest element has great importance to me. I painstakingly rebuild every tiny element. Based on photographs and suitable documentation, I reconstruct every minute component.

My expertise and passion for what I do are reflected in the professional end result. My specialisation is professional reconstruction of classic car parts. If an original part is not available or cannot be traced, I am able to make it for you myself.

The reconstruction process itself is described in the following points:1. Checking the car in terms of geometry;
2. Completing the deficiencies (the car must be complete);
3. Disassembly + inventory with planning the sequence of renovation stages;
4. Removal of all paint coatings (we use methods suitable for every car body part, e.g. external sheathings chemically, car bodies mechanically – sandblasting, sodding;
5. Estimation of tinsmith costs;
6. Simultaneous commencement of works: sheet metal processing, renovation of chromes, renovation of units, engine, partial upholstery (if the state of door and cover seals indicates the replacement, then they are necessary to perform sheet metal processing works)
7. Fitting and reinforcement of the car for verification of compatibility before painting;
8. Tinning, if required;
9. Disassembly;
10. Repeated sandblasting and anti-corrosion protection,

  • Epoxy primer
  • Zinc epoxy primer
  • Zinc or aluminium-sprayed coating

11. Painting works;
12. Assembly of units;
13. Finishing upholstery works;
14. Testing;
15. Car delivery.

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